MiCA Papers

About MiCA Papers

MiCA Papers is an initiative aiming to provide guidance and support to the industry in implementing and adapting to the crypto-asset regulation in the EU.

The website is built and maintained by a group of tech savvy lawyers. We work with this project in our spare time. Our incentive is purely the joy of sharing and learning. If there is any particular you like or dislike with the site, please let us know.

As a private initiative, MiCA Papers is not affiliated with official authorities and all the content provided is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice.

Differences from official sources

MiCA Papers includes references to and copies of relevant legislation within the field of crypto-assets in the EU. Due to technical limitations and for the sake of presenting an accessible site, our content may in part differ from the content published in official sources. Below is some scenarios where this is relevant.

  • Amendments. Our platform is not automatically pulling changes to current legislation. Whenever legal acts are amended, replaced or removed, there may therefore be a time lapse until we have been able to update our texts.

  • Formatting. When publishing legal texts originally made in paper/PDF form as a website, there are challenges to transfer certain information to the web, and there might be uncertainty to some formatting used in the sources.

  • Footnotes and references. In general, our versions do not contain the same footnotes and references made in the original texts. Where of material importance, we do however include that information in other ways, e.g., through a comment.

  • Errors. If we encounter obvious formatting, spelling or writing errors, we do not generally correct them.